Walk With Me Philadelphia 2022

Team Violet

Violet is the most charmingly animated 19-month-old. When you think of how best to describe her, sweet always comes to mind, earning her the nickname “Sweet Violet”. Violet has Down Syndrome and is a member of a seemingly micro-generation known as Pandemic Babies. She began virtual physical therapy (PT) at 2 months and has grown leaps and bounds. Sweet Violet has the perfect pinch of spice. It gives rise to her sense of self and sense of adventure and it is undoubtedly why she is so resilient. She amazed everyone when she came home from 8 days in the hospital for combined RSV, COVID and rhinovirus, and easily jumped back into PT. When she’s not working hard at therapy, Violet loves being with her big brother Luke. His goofball antics and delight in making her laugh is magical. She loves to sing and look at books, especially Andy Warhol’s Colors. Her laid back disposition allows her to find the joy in everything. Her friends at daycare adore her, and when you meet sweet Violet, you’ll know why.

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